Celebrating Dr. David Dodick’s legacy of advancing migraine support, research and education

It is with deep gratitude and sincere admiration that we share the bittersweet news that Dr. David Dodick will pass the torch as Chair of the American Migraine Foundation in June 2020. Dr. Dodick has been instrumental in pushing migraine into the public spotlight and helping the migraine community stand together around the fact that migraine is more than “just a headache.”

Incoming Chair Dr. Lawrence Newman clearly remembers the board meeting 10 years ago where Dr. Dodick proposed that the American Headache Society should create what we now call the American Migraine Foundation. It would function as a patient-facing arm that would work with doctors to provide patient resources, raise awareness and support research for people living with migraine.

“I remember thinking what a fantastic idea it was. His work with the Foundation has helped identify and reduce the stigma of migraine,” says Dr. Newman.

Under Dr. Dodick’s leadership, the American Migraine Foundation has been able to reach hundreds of thousands of people each month, providing much-needed education and support to the migraine community. As a result of his relentless efforts, the Foundation achieved many successes right from the start. For example, he brought visibility to an invisible, under-recognized disease, brought migraine to Times Square, established a high-profile spokesperson for the Foundation, and more.

“Dr. Dodick’s tireless efforts have positively impacted millions of people and we could not be prouder of his accomplishments,” says Dr. Kathleen Digre, current president of the American Headache Society.

Dr. David Dodick will serve as the Immediate Past Chair of the American Migraine Foundation as we welcome our new Chair, Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Newman. Currently, he serves as the director of the Headache Division at NYU Langone Health and professor of neurology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. In addition, we would to welcome our new Vice-Chair, Dr. Christine Lay, associate professor of neurology at the University of Toronto.

“Dr. Dodick’s work has had a tremendous impact on those living with migraine,” says Dr. Newman. “Since David first proposed the idea of the Foundation, he has been a tireless advocate, innovator and strategist. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this and for making the Foundation a success.”

We are excited to start this new chapter!