Move Against Migraine

Migraine is a Disabling Disease

Move Against Migraine

The American Migraine Foundation launched the Move Against Migraine initiative to mobilize and empower those living with migraine. Our goal is to create a platform for those living with migraine to advocate on behalf of themselves, understand treatment options, access resources to manage migraine symptoms and connect with leading doctors and researchers.

Through our movement we are providing access to migraine information, making it easier for those living with migraine and and other diseases that cause severe head pain to find doctors and researchers, and building a platform that serves the migraine and headache community.

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Our platform connects leading migraine and headache specialists with those living with migraine and other diseases that cause severe head pain. With regular Facebook live events, information, and research updates, we invite you to join our community.

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We would like to thank our industry sponsors and the migraine community for their continued support and commitment to Foundation initiatives like the Move Against Migraine campaign. Your generosity enables us to provide factual information, advocacy tools and a supportive online community to people living with migraine. As we continue our efforts, we resolve to continue promoting access to care and a better understanding of this debilitating disease.

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Your Life with Migraine:

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