Joining together against migraine stigma

Migraine is a disabling disease that affects over a billion people around the world. Like with other invisible illnesses, there are many misconceptions about migraine that can lead to stigma. Misunderstanding can compound the physical pain that people living with migraine face, as they might not get the support, empathy, or medical care that they need.

Advocacy is one of the most useful methods to educate others about migraine and end the stigma. Through advocacy, every action counts in improving the lives of those with migraine. “If you show up to your appointment, that’s advocacy. If you have the conversation with your provider, that’s advocacy,” says AMF Executive Director Nim Lalvani.

Migraine advocacy can take many forms and it is not limited to patients alone. Leaders from the American Migraine Foundation and American Headache Society recognize the importance of patients and physicians advocating for the migraine community together.


Standing together means no one stands alone. The American Migraine Foundation is proud to support migraine advocacy in all forms. To learn more about migraine and advocacy, head to our Resource Library.