The International Concussion Society works to spread awareness about concussion and traumatic brain injury

The American Migraine Foundation focuses on sharing the reality of headache disorders. With this in mind, AMF proudly partners with other organizations to fight migraine and other headache conditions. One such partner in this effort is the International Concussion Society (ICS).

ICS shares, develops, and distributes accurate and meaningful concussion information. In this spirit, ICS created Concussion.Org—the world’s No. 1 destination for reliable information on concussion prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Concussion.Org’s serves medical professionals, athletes, administrators, coaches, patients and the public. It’s a centralized resource for accurate, scientifically verified concussion research. A world-class scientific advisory board helps make Concussion.Org the most trusted global resource on a common—yet little-understood—traumatic brain injury.

Concussion Check

Part of Concussion.Org’s effort to spread concussion awareness and information is a sideline protocol developed by Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic Concussion Check is a three-step process for anyone to use, regardless of if they have medical training. Once in place, the protocol—which includes the King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic—helps parents and coaches know when to pull youth athletes from the game for further evaluation.

Understanding concussion and its long-term effects is key for anyone involved in sports or other pastimes, especially when it comes to kids activities. Because concussion can have a negative impact on the brain and cause migraine-type headaches, AMF is proud to partner with the International Concussion Society and Concussion.Org. This partnership further advances concussion awareness and treatment.