Free and online from March 20-28

The American Migraine Foundation is excited to partner with the 2019 Migraine World Summit (MWS), the largest event of its kind founded by patients for patients. This is a vitally important event that brings high quality, trustworthy information to migraine patients. For many, the summit serves as a helpful platform to get answers to their most difficult questions, something AMF is proud to support and be a part of.

MWS is a free, online event intended to reduce the global burden of migraine through education and fundraising. Over its four years of existence, MWS has united more than 100,000 people from 158 countries. It has also donated more than $20,000 to migraine-specific charities, groups and foundations to date. By giving unprecedented access to the world’s migraine experts, the Summit offers people with migraine trustworthy insights to discuss with their health care provider.

The 2019 Summit will include 32 experts from leading hospitals, universities, headache clinics and institutions from all over the world. The topics will span new treatments, patient case studies, alternative therapies, testing, and lifestyle tips among others. Signing up for MWS provides you with access to the event itself, with transcripts and videos from the event available for purchase following its conclusion.

The American Migraine Foundation believes that information is crucial to patients getting the best care and advocating for themselves. We are proud to support MWS and encourage you to register for this year’s event.

For more info on what to expect at the event and to meet the patient founder, check out our Facebook Live on Thursday 3/14 at 9 p.m. EST.