Why the migraine community needs to come together for patients

The American Migraine Foundation strives to advocate for and support patients with migraine. Through our efforts, we have been able to create a support group of over 20,000 members. We’ve also fostered an online Facebook community with over 100 thousand followers, and provided free downloadable resources and a Migraine Essentials hub for those early in their migraine journey. We are excited about everything we’ve been able to accomplish with our migraine community. But it is also exciting when these efforts are recognized as an example of how to work together.

The Patient Perspective

A recent study run by Accenture Life Sciences featured AMF in its deep dive into how patients with migraine, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic lymphocytic leukemia feel about patient services. The conclusion: Patients highly value services from patient organizations, and they want more emotional support.

  • 59% say they have greater trust in the information being provided by patient-focused organizations.
  • 55% say it is easy to engage with patient organizations.
  • 56% say they can engage with other patients in similar situations through patient organizations.
  • 53% report having great experiences most of the time when they engage with patient organizations.

Awareness Campaign

The Accenture migraine report also featured the “Frames of Mind” awareness campaign with Allergan. This campaign asked people with migraine to create art that brings awareness to the debilitating effects of headache and migraine. As a patient-focused organization, AMF believes that working with other organizations will bring those living with migraine the resources and education they need. To do this, we are collaborating with our partners and working closely with doctors from the American Headache Society to advocate for patients with migraine.

We are honored to be considered a leading patient organization within the migraine community. AMF will continue to support those living with migraine through educational resources, downloads, tools and more. Because together, we are as relentless as migraine.