The new Board brings together clinical experts, researchers and patient advocates 

The American Migraine Foundation (AMF) recently welcomed four new board members to its slate. New AMF board members Rachel Irwin Koh, Byron Pitts, Royce Warrick and Rochelle Weitzner will all join AMF as Board Members at Large, alongside American Headache Society representatives Dr. Peter Goadsby (President), Dr. Todd Schwedt (Research Chair), Dr. Stewart Tepper (Corporate Liaison) and Howard Rosen (CEO).

AMF’s Executive Board include:

Dr. Lawrence C. Newman, Chair

Dr. Christine Lay, Vice-Chair

Dr. Kenneth H. Shubin Stein, Treasurer

Deborah Hensheid Lorenz, Secretary

Dr. David W. Dodick, Immediate Past Chair

The fact that board members come from all walks of life underscores the importance of collaboration between patients, providers, researchers and advocates. Their shared knowledge and desire to help those living with migraine is critical in advancing the Foundation’s goals to advance research, advocacy, education and support.

Something that most of these leaders also have in common is their personal experience with migraine and cluster headache. Whether it’s themselves or a loved one, they’ve all been touched by migraine or cluster in some way. AMF Executive Director Nim Lalvani reiterates the importance of this level of connection to the success of AMF. “Personal connection I think really drives commitment and passion when you’re connected to the mission of an organization,” she says.

Our Board of Directors’ collective knowledge, professional experience and commitment to the cause is a tremendous asset in the Move Against Migraine. As Dr. Lay says, “If we stand up to migraine and we stand together, then we can fight this battle.”

Together, we are as relentless as migraine.