Migraine advocacy can take many different forms, but all are pushing for the same goal: better care for everyone living with migraine. Here’s how you can join AMF this June to make a difference in the community.

June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month (MHAM), a dedicated time for patients, healthcare providers and the migraine community to stand up and speak out for migraine recognition and treatment. The 2022 MHAM theme is Advocate for Treatment Access. The American Migraine Foundation works with the migraine community to create advocacy efforts and raise awareness for this disabling disease.

How AMF is Advocating

AMF is striving for better treatment access this June by giving a platform to the people who know migraine the best—you. Through various “share your story” forms and social media campaigns, AMF is handing over the reins to collect and share first-hand stories from the community to the community.

AMF is also using June to share the facts and stats about MHAM and migraine. Spreading awareness through education is something AMF does best and what we pride ourselves on. By getting the word out about what MHAM is and why it matters, we are growing the community and breaking stigma in the process.

How to Advocate for Migraine This June

Many people don’t think they have the platform, credentials or voice to make a difference but the truth is that everyone living with migraine has a unique journey worth sharing. Your story is more powerful than you think and can positively impact others.

AMF has offered many different ways for the migraine community to get involved throughout this MHAM, and we encourage you to participate. Here are five ways you can advocate for migraine is June:

Share the Facts

More than 50% of people with migraine go undiagnosed. Providing educational resources is a great way to help reduce the stigma of migraine. Make a difference in your community and circles of influence by sharing the staggering facts about migraine.

Two Faces of Migraine

It’s not always obvious who lives with migraine. Share photos of yourself on a good day and a bad day, when migraine is in full force. This will demonstrate how migraine can strike out of nowhere and change the course of your day. These side-by-side photos will show the world the severity of migraine and how strong you are against it.

Submit your photos now.

Share Your Treatment Access Story

Over the course of June, the community has had the chance to submit their #WhatAboutMe treatment access stories. Every story is a powerful and genuine experience that offers encouragement to anyone living with migraine. Share your unique story and add to the growing list of community members that are speaking out about treatment access.

Share your story.

Take the Pledge to Move Against Migraine

In this unique opportunity, you can take a pledge to never let migraine define who you are. After pledging, get access to an exclusive virtual “sticker” that shows you took the pledge. Share the sticker with your friends to encourage them to pledge and move against the disease that affects so many.

Take the pledge.

Attend the Migraine State of the Union

The Migraine State of the Union webinar is an up close and personal chance to hear from leading experts in migraine. Dr. Lawrence Newman, AMF Chair, will host a panel of doctors and advocates ready to discuss the progress and future of migraine research, treatment, education and patient advocacy. This year’s panel includes Dr. Christine Lay, AMF Vice-Chair, Dr. Rashmi Halker Singh, Associate Professor of Neurology at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Andrew Charles, AHS President, and patient advocate Cherise Irons, a graduate of AMF’s Emerging Advocate Program.

Register for the free webinar now.

Advocating for migraine can take many different shapes and forms. Advocacy doesn’t need to only take place on a large scale. You can advocate for yourself and others every day. Maybe you correct someone when they say migraine is just a bad headache. Maybe you’re sharing your story through this year’s MHAM activities. Or, maybe you’re sharing your migraine journey in real-time through AMF’s Move Against Migraine Facebook group. However, you choose to advocate, know that you are justified and are helping to push the needle in the right direction.

Advocate Beyond June

June is a great time to speak out about migraine, but so are the 11 other months out of the year. Migraine doesn’t know or care about June. Migraine sees no borders or calendars and is always with us. We can continue to strive for better treatment access beyond the theme of this year’s MHAM. Migraine doesn’t cease after June, and neither will we.

So, let June serve as a reminder of how to raise awareness and battle migraine. Let June serve as a reminder of how wide-reaching and relentless the community is. But most importantly, let June serve as a springboard to launch a powerful movement that never fades.