Migraine is an underdiagnosed, undertreated and underfunded neurological disease experienced by a billion people worldwide. In the US, nearly one-in-four U.S. households includes someone with migraine, totaling more than 37 million people. Research has found that there’s only one headache specialist for every 85,000 migraine patients and four-out-of-five patients with chronic migraine are misdiagnosed or mistreated.

The Migraine World Summit returns this April 23 – 29, 2017 to bring together over 30 top experts and doctors to provide answers, new treatments, research and best practices for migraine and chronic headache. It’s available to anyone with an internet connection.

Attending The Migraine World Summit

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Migraine World Summit

In its first year, The Migraine World Summit became the largest ever conference for migraine patients. In 2017, they’re back with 36 brand NEW interviews where you’ll discover even more about…

  • The best treatments for migraine
  • What you can do when you’ve already tried everything
  • The secrets to finding effective natural alternatives
  • How to cope with the anxiety, judgment and social stigma of chronic migraine
  • New upcoming treatments you should be aware of
  • The most common challenges that could appear

The 2017 Migraine World Summit is online and free from April 23 – 29, 2017! Register for Migraine World Summit.