Living with migraine is an endless challenge: having a support team can lighten that load

Migraine is a debilitating disease that can affect every aspect of your life, interfering without warning in your ability to do your work, control your mood or your keep appointments and plans you’ve made with others. We asked the members of our Move Against Migraine Facebook group to share who was on their personal support team. Here’s what they had to say.

Insights and stories from the members of our Move Against Migraine Facebook group

Migraine often appears intergenerationally, making support from family especially meaningful. Some of our members share the ways their loved ones support them. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with migraine or your symptoms have worsened, here is a resource to help you talk to your friends and family about your migraine.

“My sweet & supportive mom and my loving dad. My dad has daily chronic migraines, just like me. I also have my cousin Holly & my Uncle Ed, both of whom can always make me smile. No matter how bad the pain is.” – April

“My kids are great, I have a 16-year-old at home and then two older ones that are out of the house now with their own homes. My mother-in-law would do anything for me.” – Katy

“My mom, who has also suffered with [migraine] her whole life, and my boy. They love me get me ice packs and drinks. Put up with my weird moods. Thank God for them” – Sabrina

“My mom. She’s had them more than half her life.” – Katherine

“My husband is a huge support as well as my kids, 13 and 15 years old (at least incredibly understanding). My sister, parents and church family. I am blessed and loved.” – Francine

“It pains me to read so many people post that they have no one… I am very lucky to have a very loving husband that helps me. A son who is 10 but can look at me and know my head hurts. He will try his best to help me. A mother that has helped me since my migraines started at 16. She has taken me to the ER more times than I can count. Rubbed my back while I vomited like only a mother can then helped me back to bed. I am thankful for all these people.” – Carly

Friends and partners often feel the effects of a migraine attack as intensely as we do. Here are some ways they’ve helped Move Against Migraine members:

“My boyfriend… he’s just amazing. Helped me get a Cefaly and ordered me the Somnilights glasses. Always there to rub my neck or just hold me if I need that. Don’t know what I would do without him!” – Barbara

“My husband, daughter, grandson, nieces, even neighbors. I’m very blessed.” – Cherie

“My dog lays under my bed and won’t leave me while I’m sleeping.” – Lynn

“I’m truly blessed to have my husband and my sons attuned to me, my pain and frustration.” – Priya

“My husband. He is a saint!” – Melissa

“I’m very blessed. Most everyone in my life is supportive, including co-workers.” – Alicia

Feeling isolated can amplify the pain of a migraine attack, which is both physical and emotional. Some of our members expressed their frustration at feeling unsupported:

“Yup…. me, myself & I for sure.” – Lynn

“No one but my companion kitties.” – Cheryl

“Nope, nobody, family and friends could care less!” – Teresa

“Me myself ? … the doctor who prescribes the tablets?” – Denise

“No one. I’ve got no one on my side in this.” – Barbara

“Nobody. I do it alone. Except for my 2 pups. They’re always by my side.” – Paulette

The Move Against Migraine group on Facebook is a social network of thousands of people living with migraine who understand. Here are some examples of how people with migraine have found help and empathy there:

“I am pretty much on my own. I do have my dogs which are huge comfort. Lost most of my friends since I started with chronic migraines and can’t work anymore. I am grateful for the online groups and my dogs, without them I would be completely alone in this.” – Dannah

“The Move Against Migraine group.” – Stacey

“I like this group because I have learned there are more options out there than I have been given and I am thinking about seeing another doctor. Thanks for being here!” – Katy

“I don’t really have one in person. I have more support online. Some of the migraine support groups have saved me in many ways.” – Rachel

“Myself. … this group … which has been my biggest help and life-saver at times, my NP under my neurologist” – Becca

“Thankfully I have a great family friends coworkers and my trusty four legged baby. And then there’s you virtual friends out there….some days it’s nice to know that “it’s not just me”!! Thank you all!” – Jodi

“I have my #MigraineFamily w/this FANTASTIC group!! I finally know that my Dad and I are not alone. That there are people out there who actually understand & care. Joining this group, is one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.” – April


The Move Against Migraine support group is one of many ways the American Migraine Foundation works to provide comfort and support to people living with migraine. This disease can feel lonely, but know that you are not alone. Visit the AMF resource library for information and tools to help you manage your migraine, and join the Move Against Migraine Facebook group to instantly connect with a network of people who understand.