Insights and tips from the members of our Move Against Migraine Facebook group

Every person with migraine has a different experience, and that includes the ways they cope with a migraine attack. For some, a dark, quiet room works wonders. For others, it’s the optimistic outlook that someday there will be an answer—and an end—to their pain. We asked the members of our Move Against Migraine Facebook group to share how they stay strong during a migraine attack. Here’s what they had to say.

How our Move Against Migraine community members stay strong during a migraine attack

“If I happen to be somewhere without my backup meds (this happens sometimes), I focus on the positive, slow down my breathing, and try to drink a lot of really cold water. It’s like a band aid until I can get home and get my Sumatriptan.” -Alisha

“After 21 years of coping with this illness, what keeps me strong is believing that something WILL work—whether sooner or later—to break the migraine.” -Andrea

“Faith! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Physically, I may be weak as a lamb, but mentally and emotionally, I’m Wonder Woman.” -Cynthia

“The knowledge that this one too will end. I may have them often, they may be long-lasting, but I know that others suffer as much or more than me, and I have the faith that it will end and that the next day or night will come and I will find some peace.” -Jen

“For me it’s my husband. Sometimes just knowing he is in the house with me makes me feel stronger and more at peace while in pain.” -Krissy

“Mine is that I refuse to let this control every aspect of my life, and to miss as little as possible since I have missed too much already. My family is the other—I have kids and grandkids, and I want to be involved the way I was before chronic migraine.” -Tandie

“Love from family and friends. I have one friend in particular who texts me every time I get a migraine just to check on me. Just having someone who cares and shows empathy really helps.” -Tyra

“I find strength in the midst of a migraine by reminding myself that I’ll be able to help someone else with migraine someday by sharing my experiences.” -Erica

“I’ve been praying a lot more than usual, which can’t hurt, right?! I also focus on my breathing and try to remember that there have been days where the pain has been so much worse, and if I made it through those times, I can make it through this one too.” -Janice

“My kids, my whole family, my friends, knowing that there is so much beauty in this world and I DO get to see it.” -Eileen

“I have to say that I am extremely lucky to have a very supportive husband. When he sees me rubbing my head, he grabs the Imitrex and hands it to me with a glass of water. I also have a medical cat that sits on me and will not leave until I am better. That helps too.” -Kerstin

Part of the mission of the American Migraine Foundation is to give the migraine community a voice and a place to tell their story. We want to hear yours. Tell us about your experience with migraine and help us raise awareness about what it’s really like to live with migraine. Thank you for sharing with us!