Back to School with Migraines

As the time approaches for students to return to or start school, we want to provide resources to make life easier for students, parents, teachers – everyone involved. To that end, we refer you to an article by AHMA chair Teri Robert. The article begins:

“Migraines are difficult enough for adults, let alone children, and migraines at school? Well, that can be a problem that leaves children, parents, teachers, school nurses, school administrators, and other involved parties frustrated and often at a loss.”

Zero-tolerance policies about students having medications at school, the lack of knowledge and understanding on the part of the adults in charge, and the stigma associated with migraine all play their part in making school years miserable for students from preschool through college.

Whether children are in grade school, junior or senior high school, or college, we need to remember that there are people at their schools who become part of their health care and support system. These people hold many positions within the schools:

school nurses,
school counselors,
school administrators,
college professors, dormitory resident assistants, and more.
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Migraines at School – Helpful Forms, Reducing Stigma, and more. Written by Teri Robert and published on Copyright 2014 – Present, Teri Robert. All Rights Reserved. Last Updated August 14, 2014. Medical Review by David Watson, MD.