How this foundation informs and empowers patients through complex healthcare challenges

We are proud to partner with the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF), an organization focused on improving patients’ lives by helping them access care and treatment recommended by their doctors. PAF’s mission is to provide case management services and financial aid to Americans with chronic, life-threatening and debilitating illnesses.

PAF’s Chief of Mission Delivery Erin Bradshaw says the organization “provides support to patients with critical and chronic illness when they’re facing challenges around affordability and access to prescribed therapy.” They also provide assistance for evaluating insurance options in the public marketplace and from employers.

Patient Advocate Foundation: Advocating for Migraine

The Patient Advocate Foundation accomplishes all of this by connecting patients to services and offering resources for 584 diagnoses, including migraine. On their Migraine Matters page, PAF shares expertise surrounding the challenges that patients with migraine experience, such as issues concerning financial stability, medical debt and insurance. As AMF’s mission centers on migraine education and awareness, we joined PAF on their Migraine Matters initiative by providing articles and resources that give their audience the information they need.

Migraine Matters digs into common but difficult topics: asking for second opinions, negotiating medical costs and more. For those with questions on the other migraine topics, Bradshaw explains that when issues require one-on-one support, a trained case manager will contact patients back, seek to understand their personal situation and help them find the appropriate resources. You can request help through the Migraine Matters page or by calling 866-688-3625.

Migraine Support Partners

As our partner, PAF has been a significant resource to the AMF community. We invited Emily Brown, the Patient Education Content and Project Manager at PAF, to host a Facebook live explaining what those with migraine should know about insurance open enrollment. It was immediately clear how valuable this information was to our audience, so we started a series with PAF on patient access.

Patient Access Facebook Live Series

Lifting Up Those in Need

Navigating life with migraine isn’t always easy, so when those living with this debilitating disease need a dedicated team behind them, the Patient Advocate Foundation has the resources to help.

Bradshaw explains that PAF is “here to provide support while [patients] are dealing with any kind of distressful situation, to alleviate that, allow them to take more of a focus on their care and wellbeing, and allow us to handle those practical support needs.”

Patient Advocate Foundation fights alongside the American Migraine Foundation to improve the lives of those living with this debilitating disease. To learn more about the wonderful people and organizations working with AMF, check out our Partner Program page. Together, we are as relentless as migraine.