The Mighty and the American Migraine Foundation are teaming up to make migraine resources more available to the people who need them

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing meaningful information, resources and support for those living with migraine, the American Migraine Foundation is thrilled to announce our new partnership with The Mighty, a supportive community dedicated to publishing real stories about real people facing real challenges. We will now have an exclusive home page on The Mighty website, and also contribute to migraine-related articles that will be shared with their audience of 150 million readers.

The Mighty is a natural partner for the American Migraine Foundation. Founded in 2014, it’s a story-based health community focused on improving the lives of people facing disease, disorder, mental illness and disability. More than half of Americans are facing serious health conditions or medical issues, and are craving access to quality information.The Mighty aims to inspire people from all walks of life by sharing stories of perseverance, struggle and hope.

Here’s an example of the kind of stories on The Mighty that we hope illustrates why we find their work so meaningful: When Your Chronic Migraine Becomes Your Life Partner.

Not only is migraine a disabling, debilitating disease, it is also profoundly misunderstood. Too often people with migraine bear the weight of their illness alone. The Mighty’s mission is to combat that isolation with community, something we’ve also worked to do with efforts like our Move Against Migraine support network.

The American Migraine Foundation is dedicated to helping people with migraine live meaningful and pain-free lives. Through this partnership, we will be able to expand our reach by sharing our resources with The Mighty’s wide-reaching readership.

We can’t wait to bring our communities together: because together, we are as relentless as migraine.