The American Migraine Foundation recognizes MHAM with the migraine community

June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, a dedicated time for healthcare providers, patient advocates and the migraine community to stand up and speak out for migraine recognition and treatment. The 2019 theme is “Sowing the Seeds for a Cure,” and the American Migraine Foundation is looking forward to working with its partners and the migraine community to champion advocacy efforts and raise awareness around this disabling disease.

Highlighting Advocacy in the United States and Beyond

Throughout the month, the American Migraine Foundation will be sharing resources and patient stories to promote hope and highlight the importance of advocacy. “Advocacy takes many forms,” said AMF Director Nim Lalvani. “It could range from telling a family member that you live with migraine to fighting for migraine-friendly policies in the broader community.”

AMF’s billboard in Times Square will also evolve to reflect the emphasis on advocacy, and recognize Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. “There is no more fitting time or place to raise awareness of a disease that affects so many people in the United States and beyond,” said Lalvani.

Migraine and Headache Awareness Month also paves the way for World Brain Day, held annually on July 22. This year, WBD is focused on migraine, providing an opportunity to elevate the patient voice and put migraine on the global stage.

How to Participate in MHAM

Tune-in to our Facebook Lives

Who best to talk about advocacy than our very own patient advocates? Throughout the month, the Move Against Migraine moderators will share their migraine stories and discuss the importance of standing up for yourself and the migraine community. Follow AMF on Facebook and tune in to learn how to self-advocate, build a migraine support community and more.

Share Your Story

Your migraine story has the power to make an impact. AMF has been curating a collection of empowering stories and the faces behind them for our Times Square advertisement and social media. Submit your story here and look out for the launch of our social media campaign, “What Migraine Looks Like.”

Participate in our “Migraine Forums” and Reddit AMA

During MHAM, AMF will be hosting weekly “forums” in the Move Against Migraine Facebook group for the community to celebrate their triumphs and advocacy efforts. We are stronger when we stand together and champion one another. Additionally, AMF will be hosting a doctor-led “Ask me Anything” on the Migraine Subreddit to connect patients with healthcare professionals.

By sharing the inspiring stories from the migraine community, hosting empowering discussions and distributing resources, we hope to introduce the community to different forms of advocacy and empower them to participate in efforts for change.