How to make an impact during MHAM

What is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month?

June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, a dedicated time for migraine doctors and other health care providers, patient advocates and the migraine community to unite our voices to advocate for migraine recognition and treatment. The 2018 theme is “You Are Not Alone,” and it reminds people living with migraine that more than 37 million other people empathize and can relate to them. The American Migraine Foundation has more than 20 incredible partners in the migraine community and knows firsthand that we are stronger together.

Why You Should Participate

Your participation during MHAM adds to the groundswell of voices advocating for migraine patients, treatment and more. Together, we can advocate for wider recognition of headache pain as a legitimate condition, encourage those with head pain to seek proper diagnosis or treatment, and spread hope about new treatments and research. We encourage our community to #MoveAgainstMigraine every day, and MHAM is an opportunity to start speaking up, educating others and championing the cause.

How to Get Involved

To start the conversation, the American Migraine Foundation has planned initiatives throughout June. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear about and participate in the following activities:

Act on Our Advocacy Tips

At the beginning of every week, we’ll post a tip for advocating for yourself or the wider migraine community. We challenge you to act, whether it’s by sharing the impact migraine has had on your life or calling your senator to talk about migraine research.

Participate in Our Social Media Challenge

Every Wednesday, we will post a question about migraine on our social media channels. Share our post and comment with your answer and #MHAMSocialChallenge to share your migraine story. We’ll be sharing and retweeting our favorites.

Tune in to Facebook Live

Every week, the AMF hosts a Facebook Live on our Facebook page where doctors and patient advocates discuss topics as they relate to migraine and headache. Check out our lineup for June, and tune in to learn more and join the conversation.

Migraine is an invisible illness that can’t stay invisible any longer. Throughout June, engage with the nationwide movement by participating in our social media challenges and using the hashtag #MoveAgainstMigraine. You are not alone.