Weather changes can affect migraine symptoms. A new article in Medical News Today cites AMF in a discussion of barometric pressure headaches and migraine.

While research has yet to find a definitive link between weather fluctuations and headaches or migraine attacks, more than one-third of people with migraine claim weather changes have a noticeable impact on their symptoms.
Weather changes almost inevitably cause variations in atmospheric pressure, which can increase the likelihood of headache and migraine. A 2017 study demonstrated a positive association between the atmospheric pressure and the amount of migraine pain a person experiences.

Medical News Today delved into barometric pressure headaches and migraine in their latest article, which cites AMF data. For more information on barometric pressure’s effect on migraine, watch this recent Facebook Live chat with Dr. Cynthia Armand, M.D., hosted by AMF. Learn more about causes, preventative techniques and treatment options here.