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Migraine might be invisible, but you are not. You can help us spread awareness and make a difference in the lives of everyone who is living with migraine. Let others know about the challenges and successes you’ve experienced while managing your migraine, from accessing treatment to dealing with daily symptoms.

Tell your story and help others see what migraine truly looks like.


Every person with migraine has a story to tell. Here are some migraine stories from our community members who so bravely helped us put a face to this disabling disease.

Aeja D.

Impacted by Migraine

My neurological disorder does not define me. I am a person. I have a story. I have a life, one that I refuse to let it interfere with. I am still me and I am still fighting.

Cary S.

Impacted by Migraine

It’s the ultimate frustration to have an attack in the middle of a date with my wife, skiing with my kids, reading on the back deck. Just when I would never expect it.

Shoshana L.⁠

Impacted by Migraine

For decades, I saw migraine as something I had to hide, apologize for, cover up or “fix” in order for me to be acceptable to my family and society. But migraine doesn’t make me less of a person. It doesn’t take away who I am unless I allow it to do that, and it doesn’t stop my life from having value or purpose

Hannah S.

Impacted by Migraine

It’s a constant struggle to have an invisible illness — from the outside everything looks fine, but on the inside I am struggling every day. I have lost jobs, friendships and relationships to chronic migraine — but I have also learned how to persevere and have confidence in myself.

James P.

Impacted by Migraine

Most people have no idea what we go through. This isn’t a headache.

Heidi A.

Impacted by Migraine

I will probably never know life without migraine. I am a realist, and though not without hope, recognize this reality of my situation. Migraine determines many things in my life, but it will never define me, or my story.ad throbbing so bad it’s almost numb.

Aconda W.

Impacted by Migraine

Sometimes I smile despite the pain and laugh despite my he

MacKenzie S.

Impacted by Migraine

Migraine has knocked me down and left me frustrated beyond words, but I hold onto the fact that I don’t know where I am in my healing journey. Maybe one day I won’t have to grieve for my 15-year-old self before all of this, and I’ll be living in a pain-free body again.

Rachel S.

Impacted by Migraine

As desperate and hopeless as I feel when I’m in the throes of a migraine attack, when I come out of it I somehow become hopeful again. After 20+ years, I still have hope that the next 20 years won’t be like the last 20.

Brandy G.

Impacted by Migraine

Some days are spent in bed with ice packs and darkness, while some are full of smiles and laughter. I don’t let my pain define me, and I won’t let it stand in the way of my dreams.

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