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Signs & Symptoms

Managing Migraine in the Workplace

Migraine impacts people at the most productive stage of life, from their teens to their 50s, meaning that many working-age people feel they need to keep pushing through the pain while living with migraine.

Patient & Caregivers

The Impact of
Migraine AT WORK

Migraine impacts both employees and employers. It is the leading cause of absenteeism—employees missing work due to migraine—and presenteeism—being unable to perform at their full potential while at work.

Stigma of Migraine

Misconceptions about migraine lead to unhealthy work environments.

The Cost of Migraine

Migraine can cause people to lose work days, paid sick leave and even income.

Migraine Triggers

Harsh lighting, screens, loud noises and stress can all trigger migraine attacks.

Employee Productivity

Many “push through” migraine at work and can’t perform at their full capacity.

Workplace Accommodations for Migraine

From fluorescent lights to noisy assembly lines, the workplace can present a number of triggers and challenges for those living with migraine. Because of this, it is important for employees to advocate for themselves and for employers to address migraine at work by providing reasonable accommodations, such as:

Download the Migraine at Work Guide

Download our guide for more practical tips on workplace accommodations and how you can start the conversation with your employer.

Migraine Fitness at Work™

Revolutionizing the Workplace

U.S. employers spend $1 billion annually on the medical costs of migraine. Providing a supportive work environment can help both employees with migraine and reduce lost productivity and revenue. Recent studies show employers could save ~$2,300 per employee annually through implementation of a migraine education program for the workplace.

The Migraine Fitness at Work™ program is a video-based educational program designed by world-renowned migraine experts and patient advocates. This program educates employers and employees about the debilitating effects of migraine and is fully customizable to your workplace.

Find out how to create a more accommodating workplace, reduce stigma and support employees living with migraine to perform at their very best.

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