Children Have Migraine Too

Approximately 10% of children experience migraine, but it often goes undiagnosed and untreated. Scroll down to learn how to recognize the signs, explore your child’s treatment options and advocate for them at home and school.

Pediatric Migraine Resources

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Your Questions Answered

Watch experts answer parents’ frequently asked questions about pediatric migraine, concussion and more.

  • Tackling Pediatric Migraine Head-On

    Lexi has been living with migraine she was six years old. In that time, she has learned how to manage her condition and keep it from overtaking her life—and the fight against it has made her stronger.
  • Parenting Children with Migraine

    Keith DiMarino is a patient advocate and father to a child with migraine. Listen to learn more about how he and his family navigated his daughter’s migraine journey and what lessons he learned along the way.
  • Chiari Malformations in Children

    Dr. Meghan Candee explains Chiari malformations and their connection with headache.
  • Migraine in School Children: A Parent's Guide

    Watch and learn how parents can help school administrators, teachers and staff members understand and better accommodate students with migraine.
  • 4 Ways to Help a Child with Migraine

    Parents of children with migraine are their child’s champion, their #1 supporter and advocate. We asked our Move Against Migraine Facebook support group for their tips on best supporting a child with migraine.
  • What Parents Should Know about Pediatric Concussion

    Dr. Chris Oakley spoke with AMF about what today’s parents should know and do if they suspect their child has a concussion.

Move Against Migraine: A Podcast by the American Migraine Foundation

Dr. Larry Newman, Vice Chair of the American Migraine Foundation speaks with healthcare providers and advocates, covering topics from migraine in children and school accommodations.


Migraine in Children and Teens

Dr. Larry Newman and Dr. Amy Gelfand discuss how migraine affects children and teenagers, and what parents can do to help them manage their migraine symptoms.
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  • Migraine in School: How to Help Students

    Dr. Jessica Gautreaux joins Dr. Larry Newman to discuss the impact of migraine on school-age children, how to set them up for success by making school a more migraine-friendly place.
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  • Lifestyle Tips for Migraine

    Dr. Larry Newman sits down with Dr. Cynthia Armand to discuss the importance lifestyle changes in managing migraine.
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Resources to Help Manage Pediatric Migraine

Learn how to care for children living with migraine at both home and school. All of the American Migraine Foundation’s free downloadable guides are doctor-verified and designed with patients in mind.

  • children-migraine-accommodations

    How to Provide Accommodations for Children with Migraine at School

    Dealing with pediatric migraine can significantly affect a child's ability to focus in class and keep up with their peers. However, a few key accommodations can make a big difference, helping the child manage their migraine and allowing them a chance to thrive. Our guide offers tips to help parents and schools work together to offer the best possible experience for children living with migraine.
  • caring-for-child-migraine

    Caring for a Child with Migraine

    Does your child have migraine? Early diagnosis, open dialogue and a specialized treatment plan can equip you and your child with the tools needed to best manage their migraine. Download our guide to learn how to identify the signs, maintain a productive dialogue and practice good headache habits.
  • concussion-headache-children

    Concussion and Post-Traumatic Headache in Children

    While sports and other recreational activities provide several benefits to kids, many of them do carry a risk of head injury. Download our guide to know what symptoms to watch out for and what to do if you think your child may have sustained a head injury. Additionally, we review some of the common terms and myths surrounding concussion and post-traumatic headache.