Navigating Life with Migraine

Migraine is a disabling disease that affects 39 million people in the United States. Life with migraine can be isolating, but you don’t have to do it alone. The American Migraine Foundation is here to empower those living with migraine to start the conversation with your family and find the help you deserve.

Understanding Migraine

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Know Your Migraine

You are not alone. Watch our videos to hear migraine tips and stories from patients like you.

  • What is Migraine? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

    Doctors answer frequently asked questions about migraine.
  • Picture Your Life Without Migraine

    What would your life look like without migraine?
  • Explaining Migraine to Loved Ones

    Communicating with loved ones is key. Hear Korinda’s story.
  • What It’s Like Getting Diagnosed

    Diagnosis can be a lonely process. Hear how Stacy found support.
  • Migraine And Your Career

    Navigating the workplace with migraine is easier with support. Listen to Charise’s experience.

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Patient Resources to Improve Your Life With Migraine

Find the tools and resources to help advocate for your self, your loved ones and your community. All of the American Migraine Foundation’s downloadable guides are free to download, doctor-verified and designed with patients in mind.

  • talking-to-your-doctor-about-migraine

    Talking to Your Doctor about Migraine

    Your head hurts constantly. You can't explain the accompanying symptoms. You suspect you have migraine. It's time to talk to your healthcare provider. This guide will help you start the conversation with your doctor so that you receive the care you need. From setting goals to describing pain, this guide maps out the conversation with your doctor.
  • how-to-support-migraine

    How to Support Someone with Migraine

    You don't have to be a neurologist to know how to support someone in your life who is living with migraine. There are several ways to show your loved one living with migraine that you're there for them on the good days and the bad.
  • seeking-medical-help-migraine

    Seeking Medical Help for Your Migraine

    A headache specialist can become an important member of your support team from diagnosing your specific kind of migraine to creating a custom treatment plan. Our introductory guide will help you determine if it's time to make your first appointment, when you should go and what you can do to prepare for your visit.
  • What-to-Do-After-the-Diagnosis-2

    What to Do After Your Diagnosis?

    Migraine is a disabling disease that impacts more than 37 million Americans. To help those coping with a recent diagnosis, lean on this guide to show you how to communicate your needs to your support network, better understand your diagnosis, and take care of yourself by finding hope through pain.
  • Migraine-at-Work-2

    Migraine at Work

    Each year in the United States, 113 million workdays are lost due to migraine. We outlined the series of steps you need to take to make sure the conversation you have with your boss about your migraine is a positive experience and results in a solution that works for everyone.
  • migraines-contributing-factors

    Migraine’s Contributing Factors

    Do you know what triggers your migraine attacks? Being able to identify medical and lifestyle migraine triggers can help reduce the chance of an attack and help you develop a better treatment plan.

Move Against Migraine Podcast: Season Two

In Move Against Migraine, Dr. Larry Newman breaks down complicated and pressing subjects with special appearances from leaders and advocates from the community. This season covers hot topics such as migraine at work and school, treatment advances and so much more!

What are Gepants and Ditans?

Gepants and Ditans are two new classes of treatment that hold a lot of promise for the migraine community. Listen as our host Dr. Larry Newman and Dr. Jennifer Robblee cover the science behind these acute treatments, including their potential side effects and how to find out if they are right for you.
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  • Lifestyle Tips for Migraine

    Dr. Larry Newman sits down with Dr. Cynthia Armand to discuss the importance of incorporating lifestyle changes with medications and becoming an active participant in your own care.
    Listen Now
  • Migraine Advocacy for Patients and Physicians

    In this episode, Dr. Larry Newman and Dr. Starling discuss how patients can participate in self-advocacy and community advocacy as a part of their migraine journey.
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  • Cluster Headache: Perspectives from a Doctor and a Patient

    Like migraine, cluster headache is a disabling disease, but there are options and reasons for hope on the horizon. Dr. Larry Newman sits down with a patient and doctor to discuss all things cluster headache.
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  • Migraine in the Workplace

    Dr. Larry Newman and Dr. Robert Shapiro discuss how those with migraine can advocate for workplace accommodations and why it could actually benefit employers to address migraine head-on.
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  • Migraine in School: How to Help Students

    Dr. Jessica Gautreaux joins Dr. Larry Newman to discuss the impact of migraine on school-age children, how to set them up for success by making school a more migraine-friendly place.
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  • Migraine in Children and Teens

    Dr. Larry Newman and Dr. Amy Gelfand discuss how migraine affects children and teenagers, and what parents can do to help them manage their migraine symptoms.
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  • What Are My Insurance Options with Migraine?

    We see countless questions about health insurance in our community so we collaborated with AMF Partner, Patient Advocate Foundation, to get some answers.
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