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Achy Smile

Achy Smile

Achy Smile is a blog written by Erica Nicole Carrasco of Midland, Texas, now living in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She helps her husband, Stephen, raise their two teens, Marissa and Noah, through a life with hemiplegic migraine and comorbid diseases. Their daughter, who also lives with migraine disease, is a full-time student learning how to thrive with Erica at her side. In late January 2018, Erica shared the stage with prominent women in the health industry and talked about her life with migraine at BlogHer Health, an annual blogger conference for women in the health industry. She is a Speak Your Migraine spokesperson and a partner of the American Migraine Foundation.

adventures of a spoonie mom

Adventures of a Spoonie Mom

With a flourishing banking career and becoming #1 Best Selling Author, JP Summers never imagined an unexpected onset of severe head pain, debilitating vertigo, and loss of motor skills would lead to the second type of migraine diagnosis: vestibular. The quality of life she once knew was nonexistent. Living with the migraine disease for three decades still wasn’t enough to prepare JP for the disappointment of one failed treatment after another. Upset with the fact that her symptoms were only getting worse, this romance novelist decided the only way to fight back against her deteriorating health was to turn her misfortune into something positive. She found her true calling as a patient advocate for migraine, cluster headaches, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Adventures of a Spoonie Mom is a blog where JP shares each of her triumphs and struggles as a newly single mom in her early 40s that lives with several invisible illnesses while caring for two teenage boys; one of whom lives with abdominal migraine.

Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy

The Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA) is comprised of national and regional non-profit organizations advocating on behalf of Americans with disabling headache disorders. Since 2007, AHDA has held an annual event called “Headache on the Hill” (HOH), which brings ~100 health professionals, patients, and other advocates to Congress to focus federal resources on reducing the burdens of migraine, cluster headache, and related disorders.

AAN – American Academy of Neurology

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN), offers exclusive member benefits to 32,000 neurology and neuroscience professionals worldwide including students, trainees, neurologists, researchers, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, business administrators, and other non-neurologist clinicians. Together they strengthen neurology’s voice in advocating for and advancing the field of neurology. Benefits include top-quality education and science, practice management tools, clinical guidelines, and much more.

American Headache Society

The American Headache Society (AHS) is a professional society of health care providers dedicated to the study and treatment of headache and face pain. Founded in 1959, AHS’ objectives are to promote the exchange of information and ideas concerning the causes and treatments of headache and related painful disorders. AHS founded and sponsors the American Migraine Foundation.

Association for Migraine Disorders

The Association of Migraine Disorders (AMD) is a nonprofit whose mission is to work collaboratively to end migraine pain, by sponsoring relevant research and education initiatives. AMD offers programs to introduce students to headache medicine through shadowing programs and grant. Larger grants are offered to experienced researchers looking to explore new ideas, and these sponsorships are managed by the Migraine Research Foundation.

Brain Storm

Brain Storm is a blog by Anna Eidt, chronicling her adventures in Migraineland. She writes to connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges, share strategies and resources, and navigate the many (many) frustrations that come up while learning to live better with migraine.

Chronic Migraine Awareness

Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc.

Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc. is committed to empowering individuals to become their own advocates, alleviating chronic migraine by providing education and support to those whose lives are touched by this debilitating disease.


Brought to you by the International Concussion Society, Concussion.Org is the number one destination for information related to concussion prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Our mission is to serve medical professionals, athletes, administrators, coaches, patients and the public by providing a central repository of accurate and scientifically vetted concussion research. Working alongside our world-class scientific advisory board, is the most trusted global index on one of the most common, yet least understood, forms of traumatic brain injury.

Golden Graine Resource

The Golden Graine mission statement is to live a fulfilled life with chronic migraine and pain. It is also a platform for others as well. I want to celebrate your victories and give you a place to vent when times are rough. Your disease is invisible, but you are not.

Health Union

Health Union

Health Union inspires people to live better with challenging health conditions – combining new, original content every day with digital, social and mobile technologies to cultivate active online health communities. Health Union platforms are dedicated to illuminating the voices and experiences of people with migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes, hepatitis C, and more. Its services and offerings foster open and honest interactions about these health conditions between and among patients, caregivers, professionals, providers and industry partners to help all stakeholders make more informed decisions about healthcare.

Know Your Dose

Know Your Dose

In partnership with the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition (AAC), the Know Your Dose campaign educates consumers on how to safely use medicines that contain acetaminophen. By reaching consumers when medicine safety is top of mind, the campaign seeks to raise awareness and promotes four steps for safe acetaminophen use.

Medicine X

At Medicine X we believe everyone should feel informed and empowered, so they can take part in their medical decisions. We translate complicated ‘doctor speak’ into an entertaining and engaging language – so that every person regardless of age, gender, culture or condition, can have access to medical information they can understand.

The Mighty

The Mighty

The Mighty is a story-based health community focused on improving the lives of people facing disease, disorder, mental illness and disability. More than half of Americans are facing serious health conditions or medical issues. They want more than information. They want to be inspired. The Mighty publishes real stories about real people facing real challenges. is Health Union’s online community dedicated to people living with migraine, where patients and supporters of people living with this condition can connect, share experiences, and learn about managing the condition. At, we understand the challenges of living with migraine. Whether you’re newly diagnosed, undiagnosed, or already know the ropes, the community is here for you. Because we understand migraine is more than “just a headache.”

Migraine Again

The mission of Migraine Again is to help people with migraine suffer less and live more, until there’s a cure. Content website and community founded by patients, for patients. Led by migraine warrior and advocate Paula K. Dumas.

Migraine Ninja

Migraine Ninja

Living with Migraine is complicated and difficult. Patient educators Teri Robert and Tammy Rome have developed the Migraine Ninja site to encourage people with Migraine to channel their inner ninjas in order to better manage Migraine and live better, fuller lives.

Migraine Warrior

Mygraine: Adventures of a Migraine Warrior (also known as The Migraine Warrior Blog) is a site created by Michelle L. Tracy to advocate for migraine awareness by way of educating the general population in addition to empathizing with fellow migraineurs. What you’ll find here are facts about migraines disease, tips and tricks for how to deal with migraine attacks, how to cope with living with a loved one who has migraine disease, sample dialogue for migraineurs when dealing with both the medical community and the general public, reviews of products and treatments that the author has used, personal migraine stories, migraine trivia, and much more!

Migraine World Summit

The Migraine World Summit offers in-depth video interviews with 36 world leading migraine experts to educate patients and improve access to care. Co-hosted by patient advocates Carl Cincinnato and Paula K. Dumas .

Miles for Migraine

Miles for Migraine is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit with the mission of improving the lives of migraine patients and their families, raising public awareness about headache disorders, and helping find a cure for migraine. Miles for Migraine produces fun run events, typically a 2 mile walk, and 5k/10k races to raise money for migraine research, and also hosts youth camps for kids, teens and their families impacted by migraine or other headache disorders.


My Migraine Life

Sarah is a mom and a chronic migraine and daily headache sufferer who has tried a gamete of medications, alternative therapies and lifestyle changes.  These experiences led her to write “My Migraine Life“, a website aimed at all sufferers and caretakers devoted to telling stories, raising awareness, giving support, product reviews, and more.

Putting Our Heads Together

Putting Our Heads Together

Putting Our Heads Together is written by patient educator and advocate Teri Robert. The stated purpose of the blog is “information, support, awareness, and advocacy related to Migraine disease and other Headache disorders.”


Runnin’ for Research

Runnin’ for Research, Inc. (R4R), was founded in 2015 as a charitable organization dedicated to research, awareness, empowerment, and advocacy in all areas of headache and migraine disorders. The primary mechanism to accomplish the missions is the organization and implementation of 5K runs and walks throughout the United States.

Sharron Murray

Sharron Murray

Sharron Murray is a site created by Sharron Murray, MS, RN, author, advocate and person with migraine, to share articles related to the latest research about migraine disease, along with tips and strategies to help those of us with migraine, together with our doctors and other health care professionals, gain control over our migraine attacks, treatments and our lives.


cluster headache support group logo

The Cluster Headache Support Group

The Cluster Headache Support Group, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those suffering with Cluster Headache and other Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalgias and Migraine through Research, Education, Fact-based Information, and Compassionate Support.

The Daily Headache

In The Daily Headache, Kerrie Smyres writes candidly about the emotional ups and downs of living with migraine. She also writes about treatment possibilities and strategies for living the fullest life possible with chronic migraine.

The Daily Migraine

The Daily Migraine

The Daily Migraine is the online home of people with chronic migraine. It is a source of help, hope, and humor derived from the experiences of Lisa Jacobson, who suffered for 25 years before eventually ridding herself of daily migraines through research, persistence, optimism and the creation of meaningful partnerships with her headache physicians. The Daily Migraine accomplishes its mission of helping chronic migraineurs reduce or eliminate their daily migraines by providing a community forum of other like-minded migraine sufferers on “everything migraine” and a huge library of educational and informational resources, all wrapped up in one large dose of inspiration and hope. The Daily Migraine seeks to bring together chronic migraine sufferers from all over the world, ultimately creating a critical mass of millions. We can ultimately use our strength and size to attract worldwide attention, advocate for research, and execute initiatives to help chronic migraineurs get their lives back. Our ultimate vision is a world without chronic migraine.

The Headache & Migraine Policy Forum

The mission of the Headache and Migraine Policy Forum is to advance public policies and practices that promote accelerated innovation and improved treatments for headache and migraine sufferers. We promote innovation and access to treatment by encouraging the advancement of headache science and innovation, supporting education, and furthering access to prevention and treatment options for all patients.

The Migraine Chronicles

The Migraine Chronicles is where health writer and patient advocate Sarah Hackley gets candid about life with chronic migraine. She also shares a regular round-up of other great health bloggers readers may have missed.


The Migraine Diva

The Migraine Diva is a blog owned by Jaime Sanders, who has lived with migraine disease for most of her life. Jaime uses her experience with migraine to advocate about the disabling neurological disease, help raise awareness, and engage others in a conversation to remove the stigma behind this and other invisible illnesses.