When it comes to migraine, you are your own best advocate. That’s why we host a range of virtual events focused on education, advocacy and fundraising for the migraine community. Hear directly from doctors and other experts about managing migraine symptoms, migraine in the workplace, talking to your doctor about migraine and more.

You can view and register for all of our upcoming events below.

Upcoming Events

february, 2023

Past Events

01decAll DayMigraine and the New Anti-CGRP TreatmentsWebinar

01decAll DayTransitioning to Adult Migraine CareWebinar

01decAll DayPotential Barriers of Access to the New CGRP ClassWebinar

01decAll DayMigraine and Clinical TrialsWebinar

01decAll DayMigraine in the WorkplaceWebinar

01decAll DayPost-Traumatic Headache Q&AWebinar

01decAll DayMigraña Crónica: Síntomas y TratamientoWebinar

01decAll DayDesencadenantes Comunes de MigrañaWebinar

01decAll DayYour COVID-19 Questions AnsweredWebinar

01decAll DayMigraine and Transgender PeopleWebinar

01decAll DayMigraine State of the UnionWebinar

01decAll DayCurrent Migraine MedicationsWebinar

01decAll DayWhy Isn’t My Migraine Treatment Working?Webinar

01decAll DayNew Migraine TreatmentsWebinar

01decAll DayMigraine and Women’s Health: Your Questions AnsweredWebinar

01decAll DayKnow Your Rights: Migraine & Family Medical Leave ActWebinar

01decAll DayCluster Headache Awareness and AdvocacyWebinar

01decAll DayWhy Isn’t My Child’s Migraine Treatment Plan Working?Webinar

01decAll DayMigraine in ChildrenWebinar

01decAll DayAdvocating for Your Child in SchoolWebinar

01decAll DayMigraine State of the UnionWebinar

01decAll DayMigraine and Breastfeeding FAQWebinar

01decAll DayThe Relationship Between Migraine and Mental HealthWebinar

01decAll DayMigraine and MenopauseWebinar

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